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Beyond your annual gynecology exam. A whole body approach

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A Place of Healing, Peace, and WELLNESS

We go beyond your regular GYN checkup! Everyone on our care team believes your health is personal and our approach to patient care values the importance of personalized care. Our Mission is to ensure all our patients experience a life changing transformation by showing you that a healthy, emotional, physical and energetic lifestyle is attainable.

We are the only Integrative GYN practice that incorporates functional medicine by using a wellness 360 model that combines mindset, nutrition and lifestyle to provide complete holistic care. We treat root causes of illnesses, not just symptoms.

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We can naturally treat these symptoms!

Symptoms are usually the start to an underlying issue that most people believe is a part of everyday life to not feel well. Life is meant to be lived and you are meant to live as long as humanly possible. Contact one of our care coordinators and discover how we can help you live again.





Menstrual Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Auto immune

Chronic Fatigue


High Cholesterol



Brain Fog

Lyme Dlsease


Gut Health



100% Positive Reviews

Thousands of Happy Patients

Naomi H

Naomi H

“Dr. Anita has found solutions not cover ups for my ailments in which other doctors I had visited had dismissed or just informed me to deal with it.”

Monica P.

Monica P.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Nischal for over 20 years. Of all the doctors I have seen she is the only one I trust completely. She is thorough, caring and patient.”

Aliya B.

Aliya B.

“Dr. Nischal is highly knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. She goes above and beyond what you expect from a doctor”

Jenny Jordan

Jenny Jordan

“Dr. Anita helped me cruise into menopause and have yet to experience a hot flash. I love her!

Priya Totaram

Priya Totaram

“I have lost 30 pounds on the weight loss program! I no longer struggle with mood instability Thank you Dr. Anita : )”

Char Newell

Char Newell

“Dr. Anita changed my life! Believe me when I say, I have not been sick in over 4 years!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

A WHP Wellness membership does not replace health insurance. We advise all members to maintain a separate health insurance plan of their choosing. For blood work, insurance frequently offers full coverage.  A WHP Wellness Health membership does not meet Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirement that all U.S. citizens purchase health insurance.

Yes, you can use FSA for your visits with us! All GYN visits are covered by insurances— as long as it’s an insurance we accept.

Your doctor will work with you to customize testing orders based on your health needs and personal preferences. Costs for blood work and specialty tests are not included in the membership price. Blood work is usually covered by insurance. These tests, however, are completely optional and if necessary, you will be presented with your options by the doctor.

Yes, WHP-Wellness is a GYN practice and have been treating patients for over 10 years. What makes us unique is we incorporate functional medicine in our practice helping our patients live longer healthier happier lives. You should join the journey.