Corporate Wellness

Changing the way companies view wellness!

What is Wellness?

Emotional Wellbeing

Whether or not you perceive it, your employees are dealing with stress every day. What you as an employer can’t see is how their bodies are reacting to the changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

Nutritional Well-being

Nutrition goes way beyond what people are actually consuming. When food goes into the body, it goes to work, and having poor digestion and stomach issues can affect important parts of the body such as the brain, heart, and energy levels.

Physical Wellbeing

Small steps to a more active lifestyle transform into major health gains over time. What you might not know, too much exercise, however, can be detrimental to your body. It’s important to understand how much pressure your body can really handle.

Environmental Wellbeing

Our bodies are constantly under attack from environmental toxins. The kidneys, blood, lymph, lungs, skin, digestive system and liver work together to help your body detoxify toxins.


Our Health Resiliency Program

To Improve employee’s vitality by focusing on four key markers of wellbeing.
To provide each employee with a Wellness matrix designed to help them better understand the factors, both internal and external, that might be affecting their wellbeing.
Help organizations foster a culture of Corporate Health, begins with the employees.

3 Life Changing Programs Integrated into One Package

I-360 Wellness Model

Wellness Assessment

Your employees will receive a one-time health evaluation with complete lab testing that focuses on the 4 major markers of wellbeing. It will raise awareness by giving them a snapshot of the state of their current health.

Health Coach

The results are in, now what? We offer additional support by providing employees with a health coach who will customize their health bio and offer recommendations within the 4 key markers of wellbeing.

Life Coach

Now I have a plan, but it’s hard! We believe it will take a shift in the mindset to accomplish any goal. Your employee will have the opportunity to speak with a life coach before beginning their journey to better health.


We build a comprehensive Lifestyle matrix for your employees. The matrix will assess, evaluate, and develop a plan with these four areas; Emotional Wellbeing, Nutritional Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, and Environmental Wellbeing. This does require an advance lab testing covered by most insurances. What your employee will receive:

  • Personalized biomarker testing (45 biomarkers)
  • Complete Health Evaluation & Plan of Care
    • We build their health bio
    • One 60 min visit with one of our doctors (in person or virtual)
    • One 30 min session with a health coach or life coach
    • Complete Wellness Matrix with recommendations
We make the journey simple, non-disruptive, and rewarding to the employee and your organization

Employee Wellness Journey

Step 1

Employee completes wellness matrix questionnaire.


Step 2

Clinician orders the appropriate labs based on employee responses.


Step 3

Clinician and employee review results  identifying key markers where there are deficiencies.

Step 4

Health coach develops the health bio with a plan to initiate recommendations based on data collected.

Step 5

Employee determines if an additional session with a life coach will be necessary.

Wellness should be an employee first approach