Co- Founder & Chief Integrative Officer
Brief info

Dr. Anita walks on a path of helping individuals lead healthy, happy lives. She is Co-Founder & Chief Integrative Officer for WHP Wellness, an integrative holistic wellness center.

She firmly believes if you take care of your body using natural products, you'll lead an independent and a longer happier life. Dr. Anita started her career as a GYN physician and has now expanded her expertise to hormonal imbalance, sleep disorders, stress management, chronic diseases, and auto-immune deficiency, to name a few.

She currently holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine, a Bachelor of Science degree and PA certification. In addition, she worked as a professor for about 5 years at Wagner College PA program where she taught about the importance of preventive medicine. She is popularly known for her dedication towards the field of functional medicine, that she remains a very active member of the Board of Ortho Molecular and Integrative Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine.
She is always looking for innovative ways to heal people naturally, so her natural next steps were to create her herbal vitamin line called “Ojus”.

This is her message to everyone who is on a path to make their health goals a reality.
"Understand that health and wellness is a top-most priority; it is an agreement of body, soul, and mind. Commit to this process with readiness, and the Universe will conspire to make all things right for you."